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Orlando Immigration Lawyers on Denaturalization of Floridian

Orlando Immigration Lawyers Martinez Manglardi PA say that the government's recent move to strip a naturalized American of his citizenship is another worrisome sign for immigrants. The trial in the denaturalization proceedings against a 62-year-old Florida truck driver is underway in Jacksonville. Under the law, the government can revoke an immigrant's citizenship if they determine that a person obtained citizenship by lying or concealing information. Parvez Manzoor Khan of Branford, Florida has been a US citizen since 2006 without violating any laws since his arrival in America in 1991. The problem is that he arrived at Los Angeles Internation Airport from...

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Immigration Attorney in Orlando Says Real Crisis is Court Backlog

 Orlando immigration attorney Frank Symphorien-Saavedra says the real immigration crisis stems not from caravans at the border, but deliberate policy changes designed to bring the legal process to a virtual standstill. "The administration's stance on immigration can make the path to legal status very complicated," Symphorien-Saavedra said. "In this difficult atmosphere, it's crucial to obtain expert legal advice." More than 800,000 non-citizens in America are waiting for their cases to be heard in US immigration courts. Most of these cases involve people who either entered the country illegally, overstayed their visas or are seeking asylum. While there has been an immigration court backlog...

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Orlando Immigration Lawyer on H-1B Visa Changes

Orlando immigration lawyer Frank Symphorien-Saavedra says that despite being subject to legal challenges, changes to the H-1B Visa process are set to take effect on April 1st. The Trump administration issued an executive order last year that changed the procedure by which highly-skilled foreign professionals are granted work visas. H-1B Visas are in high demand among information technology companies which claim that there aren't enough qualified American workers. The program is popular with workers, many from India, who have specialized computer programming and engineering skills. The United States grants only 85,000 such visas a year, reserving 20,000 of these for workers with advanced degrees....

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