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I have been a Legal Permanent Resident for almost 15 years, but I was arrested 10 years ago. Can I apply for my Citizenship?

Answer:  If your arrest happened more than 10 years ago, you likely do qualify for citizenship. Applying for citizenship generally requires that you prove that you are a lawful permanent resident, that you have been a person of good moral character for the past 5 years, (3 years if you’re married to U.S. a Citizen, 1 year if you are in the military), and that you have been physically present for half of the required time of permanent residence.   

However, you must be careful to ensure that your criminal arrest would not render you subject to removal from the United States, and that it would not allow the government to seek to terminate you residence status. If the government seeks to terminate you residence status, you would no longer be eligible for citizenship.