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Naturalization or Citizenship

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naturalization or citizenship


The path to United States citizenship involves a complex web of laws that date back to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients navigate the complicated journey to citizenship. We have attorneys who are certified experts that can confirm your legal status and determine if you qualify for naturalization.

Whether acquired at birth, through blood (jus sanguinis), or through birth on U.S. soil (jus soli), qualifying for citizenship depends on many factors, including the particular date you were born, the length of time your parents resided on U.S. soil, the specific U.S. territory in which you were born, as well as other issues. You may also have automatically acquired U.S. citizenship through the naturalization of your parents, depending upon their custodial rights at the time. Finally, you may also seek to obtain U.S. citizenship through naturalization based upon a period of residency in the United States, service in the military, or through other means.