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Orlando Immigration Attorney: Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

Best Orlando Immigration AttorneyOrlando Immigration Attorney Martinez Manglardi PA says courts can sometimes violate the rights of immigrants in judicial proceedings. According to a recent NBC News story, immigration lawyers “feel asylum seekers face an uphill and often insurmountable battle.”

With the Trump administration making life difficult in general for aspiring citizens, undocumented immigrants face hurdles. In fact, it appears that the administration wants to do away with due-process altogether. The New York Times reports that Trump, if he had his way, would send undocumented immigrants home immediately “with no judges or court cases.”

For the time being, however, America is still a country of laws, which entitles everyone on American soil to due process of law. As the Times reports, “Courts have consistently held that anyone on United States soil is protected by the Constitution’s right to due process, even if they illegally entered the country.”



Orlando Immigration Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

At the present time, the immigration system is increasingly violating the due-process rights of non-citizens seeking to avoid deportation. But immigrants – even undocumented immigrants – have rights under our laws. In fact, our laws entitle immigrants to challenge deportation through the court system. Non-citizens have the right to be represented by immigration lawyers. They can present evidence and testimony before a judge. They have the right to appeal when a ruling goes against them.



If you face deportation, an Orlando immigration attorney can help protect your rights. If you find yourself looking for the best immigration lawyers in Orlando, consider Martinez Manglardi PA. Our immigration lawyers know the system and they know immigration law. Don’t face a deportation hearing alone. Call 407-846-2240 to talk with us about your immigration situation. Together, we can work it out.